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Madrid in 48 hours, with 5 kids, why not? As part of our Christmas vacation with my parents and my sister's family, we headed to Madrid to celebrate the New Year. What an incredible city! I have been traveling Spain in the past, the south coast called Costa del Sol and I lived in Barcelona for a month to study Spanish. I thought I've seen enough of this country, but I was wrong! Madrid is such a vibrating city, family friendly and with hospitable people. It's so easy to go around, we never took a taxi, never a bus to go to one place to another, we just walked (with 5 kids!...well two of them in the strollers). We booked two apartments in the Chueca district and it was a very good choice. Just be aware that this district gets very very busy at night time, so expect loud voices and noise! Close by to all the sightseeing, we walked from our place to Calle Gran Via which is the main street that will connect you to everything.

From there we strolled down to Puerta del Sol, where we got to watch the countdown and fireworks at midnight on NY Eve. Carrying on Calle Mayor we reached Plaza Mayor. This rectangular shaped plaza was an amazing sight to watch at Christmas time as all facades of the buildings were lit up by candle shaped lights. Very suggestive!
Fram Plaza Mayor, still carrying on Calle Mayor, don't forget to stop for a quick bite at the Mercado de San Miguel. Delicious food on the go! After filled up our bellies we continued on the same road and finally reached the gorgeous Palacio Real de Madrid, which is totally worth a visit even with small kids. Don't be afraid of the long queue, it will flow quite fast. We did it with the kids during winter! ;)

We took one of those sightseeing city tour buses. To compensate all that walk from the day before we decided to hop in one of these bus stops scattered all over the city and take a city tour in the comfort of a seated trip. Imagine how easy with the kids this can be. DO IT!
In the afternoon we just chilled at our apartment getting ready for the big NY celebrations!!

Best day was day three, as tired from all the night's NY party, we kept this day to head to Parque de El Retiro and relax. We grabbed a quick lunch just before entering the park gates at [H]arina, where we had the best empanadas, quiche and croissants. Yum!
The park has also some lovely sightseeing inside, like the gorgeous Palacio de Cristal; you can see it in the background in the picture where Giorgia is sitting on a bench. This park is totally worth a visit, beautiful at winter time, I'm wondering how amazing it will be in Spring time.

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Archbishop of Madrid

Palacio Real
Palacio Real
Palacio Real
Palacio Real
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Palacio de Cristal
Parque de El Retiro

Parque de El Retiro

Madrid Smart Rentals - Chueca Calle San Marco | modern private apartments

[H]arina | breakfast and lunch
La Paella de La Reina 39 | best paella and Spanish dishes in town. Not that fancy restaurant but deliciuos homemade food
Mercado de San Miguel | traditional food and finger food on the go

Palacio Real de Madrid
Parque de El Retiro
Puerta del Sol
Plaza Mayor
City Tour Bus

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