Hello! Wow, time has literally flown away since we came back from the winter holidays. I was meant to share these Christmas pictures months ago, but you know life and routines easily gobble me up every time. So, just briefly I would like to tell you that we had an amazing time during Christmas. We went to Italy, back to our families. The first series of shots were taken in Lucca where we had a lovely time meeting lots and lots of relatives from Romeo's side, having lots and lots of cosy dinners with them and lots of ice-skating too! Few days before Christmas we drove up to Milan to meet my family: my parents and my sister's family. Beautiful Milan's days spent cozying up and preparing festive food, just before we were headed to Madrid for the New Year's celebrations.


Black coat and striped dress | Little Creative Factory
Shoes | Manuela De Juan
Flowers table decorations | FRIDA's Italian Flowers Stores
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