The girls needed a new pair of party shoes for this holiday season and I was in the hunt for some very special ones, until I remembered of a brand I had in my mind for so long. I have been in love with Manuela de Juan as long as I can remember and I have always wished to buy a pair of their gorgeous Mary Janes for the girls. Well, eventually I did.
Manuela de Juan is a Spanish children footwear from Alicante and the brand takes its name from its founder. Manuela was born in the cradle of the footwear industry in Spain and her strong passion for fashion naturally led her to start her own brand, which it has been on the market since 1970. Her brand is classic, refined but forever chic! Made of high quality leather, Manuela de Juan distinguished herself by always adding a touch of a fashion details like glitter, velvet or a fantasy print, giving her shoes a stylish and sophisticated look.
The girls haven't taken these shoes off since they've arrived! Don't you love them too?


Shoes | Manuela  de Juan
Nostalgic Coal Coat | Little Creative Factory
Stripey Apron Dress | Little Creative Factory
Fawn Cardigan | Repose Ams
Grey Shirt with ruffle collars and Green floral skirt | Caramel 

Photography&Styling | Nico @nico_smallittle
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