NO FRED | Furniture from CPH

I always love a good story when two mothers with small babies in tow meet at coffee mornings and start to dream, and subsequently brainstorm, about bringing something more appealing in the universe of children interiors. Something that would not only pleasure the children but also the adults. This is how NO FRED was born, on the streets of Copenhagen, from the brains of Signe and Sandra, both mothers and both with a past in fashion and magazine industry. 
NO FRED comes with a winning concept: keep their products line timeless, do not follow any season, be able to still love each piece (bedding, furniture or poster) still after many years, and most important be green and organic. Well, just look at those little chairs and tables, any colour would be such a great piece in any child room or even in your living room. My coup-de-coeur? Their Tucans wallpaper!

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