The very first moment I bumped into Freja's feeds on Instagram, I totally fell in love with her style. In particular, I fell in love with Frigg's, her little daughter, room. I like modern and contemporary products that are on trend and on the market now but let me tell you that I have a special soft spot for those little rooms that express so much personal style. Frigg's room has lots of DIY, a retro modern look and plenty of little treasure finds. I asked Freja to talk about a little about her family and share with us all the little things that make Frigg's room so sweet and unique.

1. Freja, please introduce your little family.
We are a family of three, soon to be four. We have a little one on the way and then we have our lovely daughter Frigg. She is one year old and she was born on Christmas Eve. What a night and what a girl! My husband is an editor at  publishing house and he is very soon done with his master's degree in philosophy and literature. I am studying to be a chef and together we have a dream of opening an organic restaurant. We are both 25 years old.
We live in Copenhagen, in a part of the town called Osterbro. We stay in a two bedroom apartment with high ceilings and lots of light. We moved here just one year ago and we really love it!
Frigg's room is big, actually as big as our living room. She is always playing and running around and we think it is important that she has space to do just that.

2. Where are Frigg's little table and chairs from? What about her cot? Are they vintage finds? is there a little story behind them?
The table and chairs in Frigg's room are vintage. I bought the table at a flea market some years back. We used it as a coffee table in our living room for some time but then it ended up in her room. I bought the two chairs in a little coffee shop in our neighbourhood. It's called Krejl og Kaffe and it is a coffee shop and a vintage shop at the same time. Two of my favourite things combined in just one place. I can safely say we are regulars. I really love recycling and I think it is fantastic that buying locally has become so modern.
The yellow cot is just an old IKEA bed that I have painted in yellow. I really like the contrast of the yellow bed against the pink wall. It's a fun colour scheme but I think it works.

3. Where are the dreamcatchers and the clouds mobile from?
The dreamcatchers are from a Copenhagen based brand called Dyrebar. It's a one-man company and everything is made by the beautiful woman behind it. I just love everything she creates and luckily Frigg does too. Also the raindrop garland hanged on the cot is from Dyrebar.
The clouds mobile is from another Danish brand called Konges Slojd. The moon mobile and the hanging swan are from the same brand. I really love the passion behind Konges Slojd and the fact that everything is organic. The hanging swan is so beautiful and no picture can do it justice.

4. Is the chest of drawers a DIY? Can you tell us of the little finds hanging on the wall above it?
The chests of drawers are just old drawers from IKEA. I painted them in 5 minutes and I think they are much more fun to look at now! They are filled with clothes and toys. Lots!
The poster above is from Copenhagen Zoo. One of our favourite places to go. The spin, next to the poster, is from Minimexico, another absolutely fantastic brand from my city.

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