We made it to PLAYTIME PARIS , the international children's and maternity trade show, this year and even though it was a very quick visit, we managed to stop and say hi to some of the loveliest brands we know. My sweet assistant couldn't resist to play a bit with the fun 3D ice-creams shapes which are part of the party range at Moon Picnic (pictured above). Spotted some beautiful quilted play-mat/rug and cute nursery accessories from the monochrome collection at Wee Gallery . Being a mid-century design lover myself, I went crazy looking at the beautiful range of desk and chairs by Les Gambettes , a french brand that introduces a 50's inspired retro design furniture with bright colours and eye-catching prints, mixing metal, wood and of course, the most popular surface from the 50's, Formica.

Stuck playing with Lapin & Me . How can I blame her? Another retro inspired brand of night lamps and dolls which we have loved from a very long time. Not by chance we own the gorgeous and popular grey Lapin Lamp. Wonderful collection of retro toys in bright colours and wait for the new addition to the woodland collection: my little deer.  Sweet cats, dogs and swans necklaces are ready to be released just before Christmas by the lovely accessories brand for the little girls, A Mini Penny (A Weathered Penny).

Delightful stand at garbo&friends. The new Fauna bedding collection is behind adorable, sophisticated and elegant. Get lost in tree branches, squirrels and rabbits with a base in pearl-grey combined with light-rust, shade of green and beige. Beautiful addition for any bedroom or stroller. Not to mention the stylish collection of sleeping bags.

Chatting away with Macarons . We have talked about them quite a few times in the past (see it here) and it was wonderful seeing their gorgeous knits and textiles live in person. Abundance of stripes and new reversible sweaters and tees to give you the chance to play around with colours and styles. Keep an eye on the Woman's collection too, you might find some matchy-matchy with your little ones.

The always super talented and poetic prints by EFVVA. Ballerinas and equestrian motifs will be protagonists of the next Summer season. Coming back in wonderful new colours the oh-so-popular Miss Mouse shoes.  Check out the hand painted boots too. Impressive!

Fun and colours at our friends' booth gardnerandthegang. Looking forward to read the new stories behind the SS17 collection. Loving already the flamingo and dino prints. Coup-de-couer for the foxy rug by Ouef NYC and also all those squish-able big wool knitted pillows.  

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