Unicorn Piñata | #DIY

Here I am with my first EVER #diy! I can't believe my eyes that I actually made an Unicorn Pinata for Giorgia's 6th birthday party. I always thought that making these sort of DIY required an high level of being good at craft and art. Ok, I have to admit that I wasn't that bad at drawing while I was in school, but, GUYS, that was a looooong time ago. So please, abandon that feeling of thinking you're not good enough because with some very easy steps I am going to show how to make the Unicorn Pinata that you have always dreamed of...just like me! 

1. First of all, you need to make your Unicorn head out of cardboard boxes. I have found a perfect and easy tutorial from a fellow blog which you can see it here.

2. Once you are done to assemble your head you can start to cover it with tissue paper. You can use any colour you like. I preferred white as I played with different colours later. Glue your chosen paper with multi-purposes glue.

3. Time to cut out the eyelashes! Use thick paper. I drew them by hand, but if you can't I'm sure you can print them out from Internet. Cut them and keep them aside.

4. Let's decorate! Cut some long fringes from the cellophane. Honestly I have hoped to find a better colour for my cellophane, but only this red-pinkish variant was available. If you can find iridescent cellophane that would be just great!

5.  Glue the strips starting from the bottom of the neck up to the head/ears. Complete the whole head.

6. Prepare the Unicorn mane. Chose the colours that you want to mix in the mane. Cut the tissue paper in narrow strips.

7. Glue the mane. Here again start from the bottom up to the top.

8. Let's make our Unicorn more sparkling! Use sequin to decorate the front face. You can use both hot glue or still the multi-purposes liquid one, as I did.

9. Some more sequin on the cheeks.

10. Your now very close to the end! Exciting! You only need to glue the eyelashes that you have kept aside and the horn.

Et voila', it's the end! Your pinata is now ready to be filled with treats and confettis!!

Enjoy it!

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