PIRATE THEMED PARTY | Flavio's 8th birthday

My first-born turned 8 a couple of weeks ago and we had a pirate themed party for him. The idea of having a pirate party came from our trip to Australia. While finding ourself trapped in a shopping mall in Brisbane during a rainy day, we found a well-equipped party supplies shop and bought only a small treasure chest, planning to have a treasure hunt! Now, back home, we were missing the decorations and I knew where to find some cool ones: Littlelulubel shop, of course! I spotted one of the most gorgeous pirate captain costume I ever seen along with some fun photo booth props. For the rest, like the tableware, I was still sparing some red striped plates and skulls napkins from Halloween, which worked just perfect!  
The cake was absolutely homemade by my lovely mother, who was visiting us from Italy. Most of the time I like to choose a simple cake recipe and then get creative with the toppers. I asked my son to find me some pirate figures from the playroom and he came to me with some of them indeed. The way we managed to integrate the treasure hunt into the party was very fun and special. At cake time, my hubby and I called all the kids and invited them to sing the Happy Birthday song. BUT...Hey Metey, where have the candles on the cake gone?! Someone has stolen the candles! The kids were so surprised and gasped at the sight of it. It was then that we announced the treasure hunt!!!So so fun!


Pirate Captain costume | Littlelulubel
Pirate Photo Booth Props | Littlelulubel
Inflatable Parrot | Littlelulubel

Giorgia is wearing:
Tunic and skirt by MilkandBiscuit | Archiesboutique

Flavio is wearing:
tee The Animal Observatory | Ladida.com

Photography&Styling | Nico @nico_smallittle
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