Few years ago we renovated our first floor. Totally changed the layout of the floor plan and opted for a modern family interiors. We were very happy with everything and we loved every single space we created for a big family like ours (a family of 5), but at some point we felt like the wood floor was stealing the scene above the whole furnishing. It is so that while we were away last Christmas, we decided to paint our floor in white. So basically that was the BIG (costly) change! Having a simple and clear palette to work on I decided to look for a new shape and colour of the sofa. Before I had two KIVIK IKEA sofas, a three seated and a two seated, but one of them was in such unhappy place as it was obstructing the sight of the garden and blocking part of the door too. What to do then? Here comes the fun part. I love IKEA for many reasons: it is cheap, it is trendy and each piece can be mantle and dismantle in no time. So I eventually got rid of the two seated sofa and put it aside in our storage room. Easy peasy! At this point however I reduced the number of seats which I actually needed them for when we had friends and guests visiting us. Also, my hubby was always complaining that he needed a stool to sit back and relax while watching TV. I didn't like the idea to buy a stool for the living room since I already had a coffee table in the middle of the room. Walking along IKEA aisles - believe me I made a few trips to study this!! - I came up to the idea to add a KIVIK chaise lounge to my existing three seated sofa. DEAL!! So coool! and voila' the same sofa extended like nothing! More seats for us and guests and a relaxing sit back area for hubby too. Since the flooring was now all white, I also had to change my long time favourite white sofa covers. Again IKEA worked so good for this and I opted for the light grey covers that gave such a calm and scandinavian look, which I simply adore it. Hope you enjoy the makeover of our living room! Scroll down to see the NEW and BEFORE images, to find all the links and make sure to come back next time as I have a PART II to show you in more details! ;)



three seated sofa + chaise lounge model KIVIK | IKEA THAILAND
Thirteen Untitled #5 Vee Speers poster | THE POSTER CLUB
white pillow with black confettis | FINE LITTLE DAY
dark blue/grey turkish vintage rug | HABITAT THAILAND

Potography&Styling | Nico IG @nico_smallittle
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