About two weeks ago while we had some friends over for a homemade pizza, we decided to throw at mine a potluck Easter lunch, or better a meal/party at which each guest contributes with a dish, together with an exciting chocolate Eggs Hunt for the 11++ kids that we will have!! The creative part of myself couldn't of course resist to Pin (see my pins here) lots and lots of ideas to decorate my house for the occasion! No much time left, as usual, to create amazing things but I eventually was insppired by a very easy and DIY craft to make lovely small table centrepieces which can be spread along the table together with a nice flowers pot, like tulips or hyacinths bulbs. All you need to do is to carefully crack the eggs trying to only get rid of the upper part of the egg shell, in order to have more room inside for your candles ( I used tealight type) and for your little succulent plants which they will placed inside the egg carton, previously cut out. Spice up your new Easter (egg carton) tray with some little eggs (chocolate or quail's) and with an egg shell holding a fresh flower in little water. Have fun!

To sum up what you will need:
- 2 egg cartons x table
- egg shells
- tealights
- 2/3 types of succulents (they can resist longer and need little water during the week, be creative with your own choice)
- fresh flowers at your choice (poppies will be amazing!)
- quail's eggs or small chocolate eggs to decorate the rest!

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