Bobo Choses spring/summer16 is in da house and it's the perfect amount of colourfulness and gorgeousness to set out tones and moods into the long chilling summer days. I love the bold yellow tee on my boy, which I paired with the must-have pollock bermudas. This combo let me think of those sunny hot days well spent painting just to kill our afternoons. From this collection I also adore the knits. Vincent and Pablo knit tee for my girl together with the fruity skirt, absolutely colour envy!


Yellow tee and pollock bermudas Bobo Choses |
Vincent and Pablo knit tee and fruity skirt Bobo Choses | Minikin
Green Flower hairband | Amourbows
Feather Headdress | Littlelulubel

Photography&Styling | Nico IG @nico_smallittle

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