My little baby girl just turned two this week and I was looking for something special to give her on her birthday. I found these little precious Milapinou presents at Lublue and they are really so so sweet! Milapinou is a dreamy French brand for women and her child. Her collections are full of folks and romanticism and often tell delicate stories of mother's love and the unconditional love for her child. The new Fall/Winter 15 is called Moonchild and it is a celebration between motherhood and Mother Earth. The little pom pom bag is a perfect lovely purse to keep a girl's little secrets hidden away from indiscriminate eyes :) , the knitted cactus is just a cute little addition to any girl's room and the pom pom hair clip with a sweet aqua tassel will just complete my little girl's look. 
More Milapinou gorgeousness is available at the lovely store Lublue and you know what? Lublue is hosting an Instagram giveaway right now and you can win a 100GBP store credit!! ;) . Check them out ===> @_lublue_ 


Milapinou LUNA pom pom bag, pom pom hair clip, knitted cactus | Lublue
Mint Rhapsody shelfs | Designlifekids
Wooden cat toy | Pinchtoys

Photography&Styling | Nico @nico_smallittle
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