Giorgia's birthday is in July, but this year due to the massive bedrooms renovation we did, we thought to postpone it after the summer holidays. So, here we are! Last Sunday we had her much awaited party. Yay! If you know me well, you know that I don't really like cartoons themed every time I get such request from my kids, I can't literally say no, but I do try to smooth the idea and play around with the decorations that might recall to that theme.
Back in July I bought Giorgia a beautiful Tutu Du Monde little princess/ballerina dress from Minikin, a OMY giant coloring poster about Castles, Princesses and Knights (which is called Magic) from Fourmonkeys and got some gorgeous decorations from Littlelulubel. There we are! All settled to throw a princess kind of party. Then let them be whoever they want to be!...Rapunzel? Cindarella? Snow White? The Sleeping beauty? We have rooms for them all!!...ahahah...hey but wait a minute, what about the boys? Here comes the fun part. I little panicked when I thought about the boys, what are they gonna be or do in such girlish princess party?! Uh-uh...Littlelulubel came to the rescue! I scored these lovely prince/king golden crowns in their shop and they just worked perfect for the party. No one was left in a corner, see?! ;)
Oh, one more thing that I need you to say: my husband and I love to bake our own cakes. The day before the party though we had a massive fail!! eheh. So I had to bake another one the next morning. I found an easy recipe without flour and yeast and it was so quick to do it. I prepared some pink frosting, cut a straw in half to use as decorations on the cake, rummaged a closet in the playroom where she keeps all the barbies and princesses, found a couple ones and use them all as decor toppers! Have a look at the pictures and enjoy! ;)


All party decorations & crowns | Littlelulubel
Tutu Du Monde dress | Minikin
Giant coloring poster | Fourmonkeys

Photography&Styling | Nico @nico_smallittle 

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