It’s has been a while since my last blog here. The months June, July and August are my most busy months when it comes to work. Not the best timing because of school holidays but well, by the time we leave on a vacation I am so so ready and I can easily switch off the work button and put me in the relax mode. Ok, not completely true because first I have to deal with the packing stress and after we had a safe trip and I unpacked my stuff and made sure nothing is forgotten, than this relax mode switches in.  This year we went to France. A very relaxing vacation even though it was way too short. And now school holidays are over. This past 6 weeks flew by. Normal life has begun. Back to reality and back to school! 
Just before we left there was this launch we all had been waiting for. Or for sure I had been waiting for. If I had to name just one favorite brand I guess it would be this one: Bobo Choses. With this seasons 'Talking horses, flocks of pointillist birds, crayon-colored leaves, funny foxes and rubber-stamp forests.. called The Unknown Mountain Journey’. Before every launch I always search the whole web to find sneak peeks or hidden look books. And call me crazy, but I make screenshots of the items I like most. 
Monday morning half past 9. And I was sitting in front of my computer. Tick tock, tick tock. I had my list of favorite shops ready, every one of them opened in different taps so I could switch easily. Ok, now you really think I'm crazy...but it worked! All my favorite items were successfully added to my shopping cart and I made sure everything would be delivered after we got home. So coming home wasn’t that bad! :)

I guess Bobo Choses doesn't need any introduction. Ever from when they had their first collection in 2009 they come up with the most beautiful, authentic and unique clothes. Each collection has a story to tell and all illustrations are handmade. They surprise me every season. And never disappoint. I love the soft vintage hues. This seasons colours and prints are really just gorgeous. It almost makes me long for the fall and winter. Almost. The first item I really needed for Pepper was the maxi skirt with black horses. Too bad this item wasn't in drop one so I had to wait a little longer. The second one was the princess dress. The shirt with the feathers has the colour of Peppers eyes so that one also needed to be added. And what about the socks and the fur coat?! And I could go on and on. Just perfect! 
So now it’s back to school and we are definitely doing it in style!


Outfit 1
Shirt and skirt | Bobo Choses
Shoes | Anniel
Hat | Zara
Headband | Pin Pretty

Outfit 2
Dress and Socks | Bobo Choses
Shoes | Zara
Eyewear | Very French Gangsters
Cap | Zara

Photography&Styling | Bonnie @pepper.pics
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