GARDNER AND THE GANG | A tribute to the tropics (AW15)

Colourful and bright just as the Tropics, here is the new AW15 collection presented by Gardner and the gang. A favourite since the beginning, we always looking forward to read the stories behind the characters. This new collection is inspired by the personal adventures and travels to the tropics of Kristin Nystrom, founder and creative of GG, who is originally form Sweden but has lived in the Southern Asia for the past 8 years.

A polar bear (Edina) and a snow leopard (Steve), sick of the cold, venture out to the tropics where they become best friends with a uber cool shark (Wayne). Together the three friends have so much fun throughout the winter. Mature but bright colour that brings us back to happy thoughts in the deepest of winter and thoughts of hope to make friends across the borders. A tribute to Gardener and the gang current Singapore home, where they have made so many great friends throughout the years.
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