Hello everyone!

My name is Kara and I have two and a half year old son called Quinn. My family and i currently live in Los Angeles, where summer never ends (much to my dismay). I grew up in the midwest and even though I love living in the city, miss life in a smaller town. My boyfriend Sam was born in England so we visit every year or two and hope to move in the future.

I studied Photography in Santa Barbara and when I first started had a dream of shooting wildlife for National Geographic. The more photos I took I discovered an immense love for the stories and creativity fashion images would tell and discovered a new dream of shooting for Vogue. A year into the program I had to drop out for unforeseen circumstances, took up a job in retail and have worked as a fashion merchandiser for the past several years. I enjoyed the creativity my job allowed but began to fell I was using all my creative energy at work, not what I loved.

After having Quinn and discovering the ever inspiring world of children's fashion I began using my camera on a near daily basis photographing my favourite of subjects, Quinn! I am looking forward to sharing some of my images and our favourite brands with you here.


Photography & Styling | @_klm___
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