I always strode away from maternity wear, a frugal shopper like me could never justify spending a ton of money on a whole new wardrobe for a relatively short amount of time. That is just how I roll. But then there comes a stage, around the third trimester, when most shirts suddenly morph into crop tops and regular pants supported by rubber bands feel like the worst torturing devices, slicing your groin slowly apart.

It is exactly then, when I really consider wise to invest in few key pieces, Like really, seriously, so here is my completely nonscientific theory on doing so and not breaking the bank but having many more options in your closet all over again:

- Don't go too crazy with the dresses. Don't get me wrong, maternity dresses are God-sent, the most comfortable clothing entity ever created, but dresses are easy, many maxi dresses you already have will still fit until the due date and afterwards. That is why I never bought more than one or two maternity dresses for a special occasion.

- Go for the pants!!! THE PANTS!!! You still need a pair of jeans, summer or winter or fall or yes, spring - had to be named too since all others already were - a girl like me that lives in ripped jeans will HAVE to have jeans. Once I put on maternity jeans I was in heaven, so comfortable and snug, total Zen in the pants wearing experience, nothing was pinching me anywhere. All the sudden, I didn't need an extra-long top because everything was looking as it should, no loose zippers, no rubber bands poking anything, pure bliss, thank you very much. Just like that with one good pair of maternity denim, I could yet agin wear some of my non maternity tops. All relaxed with a piece of mind that I won't be flashing anyone with my skin or a zipper half way down (as I was stubbornly wearing regular jeans, sorry random person on the bus or in a cereal aisle, why do they always put the Cheerios on top of the shelf?).

- Lastly, invest in a few good basic tees that will help to pull of the other parts of non-maternity wear, I promise basic tops will put it all together. Go for the breathable, soft fabrics and neutral colours and tones so you can mix and match them with everything or go for a few key staples such as stripes. One cannot have stripes - stripes are the new black, am I right? Anyhow, the versatility of a good maternity top will allow you to yes, wear your non maternity skirt a little lower, your overalls unbuttoned and your shorts just above the infamous crack of the bottoms without any major scandal.

Now that you made it this far, here is more concrete piece of the news, PINK BLUSH maternity will be hosting a little gifcard giveaway with me on Instagram. All you need to do is to check my account @anj_mari or @smallittleblog for more details how to enter and for a chance to win a $25 shopping credit!

Happy bumping!


p.s: Hurry giveaway starts today and ends on Sunday August 2nd.
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