How Anna Pops was born?
The concept is born from the desire to let our daughters (Fauve and Lois) shine and the Mom’s 
fascination for original shoes. Our target is to present a collection of colourful, original and qualitative shoes. Environmental friendliness of the material and the craft manufacturing guarantee quality footwear. All our kids shoes are made in little factories in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. 

Our styles are quite androgynous….
We were a little bit bored that boys only get brown, blue and green…why not choose a boys style with some charisma. Charisma you can find in the leather, the models and of course the colours. We search for pure and honest style. It’s true that we sell a lot of our models to both boys and girls.

Where do we find our inspiration?
Each collection is the result of an intensive search for specific colours and materials. We focus on this unique vision with designers and artisans in Belgium and abroad. We like Belgian kids brands like Morley, Simple Kids and American Outfitters,…and International brands such as Mini Rodini, Bonnet a Pompon and Bobo Choses. We are on the road a lot attending international fairs like Playtime in Paris to feel the materials and meet designers and producers. 

Cities like Paris or London but also Ghent and Antwerp are a source of inspiration… not only the fashion but also the use of colours in buildings, the way of presenting food at a bistro, or old books on a market triggers our mind. At home we let the world come to us with Pinterest and Instagram. Each season of a shoes collection is an intensive journey, with long nights and a lot of coffee…. but at the end we are proud when we see happy kids with our refined shoes.
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