One thing I really love about Instagram is all the inspiration I get from all those fantastic and cool mothers out there. I love dressing my girls and doing their hair and picking out their little shoes – and since I have been fortunate enough to create two little girly-girls, they love letting me style them and take hundreds of pictures. When I shop for the girls, I look for pieces that will go with the rest of their wardrobe, but sometimes I also fall for something that is just too fabulous not to buy! I have always preferred small brands – for myself and for the girls – and this is where Instagram comes in. Through their beautiful Insta-profiles, I have discovered a couple of small Danish brands that I'd love to share with you. We really love wearing their clothes because they are beautiful, comfortable pieces of Danish design made from quality materials. 

The first brand I wanna mention is the beautiful Danish brand CHRISTINA ROHDE. When I first came across Christina's clothes, I was looking for pretty dresses for Olivia. (My oldest has refused to wear pants since she was 3 years old and by now I have capitulated, so I'm always looking to add more dresses to her wardrobe). I was surfing the internet and there was this amazingly cool silver glittery jersey dress with the coolest leopard details on the inside and holes for her thumbs like in sports wear. I loved it! And as soon as I got a look at the rest of the collection, I knew that we had found the perfect brand for my girls. Christina Rohde is Scandinavian style mixed with a great deal of cool girliness (there's glitter and flowers in almost every collection) and the styles are brilliant for birthday parties, the playground, the museum or if you or your little one just love pretty pieces of clothing. The pieces are designed to let the kids move and have fun. That silver dress was Olivia's favorite for ages and now Bella wears it and loves it too. Oh, and take a look at Bella's new bathing suit – how pretty is that!?

The other small brand I wanna mention in this post is the Danish LITTLEPILOTS_Kidswear. Designed right here in Copenhagen, Little Pilots is cool comfortable kidswear with an urban twist. They mix the aesthetics of black and grey tones with flashes of soft colors, like dusty rose, camouflage or mustard. The materials are the coolest mix of jersey and knitwear which is really perfect for most seasons, even those summer nights when the kids wanna stay out late and play. We love Little Pilots because of its different look and because we get to add some cool urban pieces to the girls' otherwise very girly wardrobe. We love the baggy knitted pants on Bella and both girls LOVE their knitted dresses with that big collar! Oh, and look at those liberty collars – how cute are they with almost any outfit?!

I love how Instagram is a treasure chest of small brands just waiting for us to discover them. I love to see my girls in beautiful, different clothes that you can't find just anywhere. I also love that incidentally Christina Rohde (@ChristinaRohde) and Little Pilots Kidswear (@littlepilots_kidswear) both have amazingly gorgeous Instagram-profiles, so check them out if you wanna see more of their clothes as well as loads of inspiration.

Enjoy ;)

Mille Maria

Styling & Photography | Mille @missmillemaria

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