NENU | not your ordinary spoon

Dear readers, by now, you probably know how much we love to introduce you to new innovative products that facilitate the way of our contemporary living. When Nenu contact us and send us information about their new baby products, we thought that you need to know about them.

Weaning times are messy at any stage and part of this mess is due to what utensils we use while feeding our babies. Spoons are the first to be thrown on the floor, in my experience! With my third baby, I tried to buy plates that have a space where to hold the spoon, but let me tell you that eventually I always found myself digging inside baby food looking for the spoon that fell inside!!

So fret not, Nenu's spoons have legs now! How great is that?! I think also it's a great way to keep the spoon hygienically safe from any counter top, especially when you are out with your baby in public places. Nenu's spoons are not only innovative but they come in a beautiful range of colours.

Check out also their other products, like the teether bugs, in their shop right HERE.

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