Hi there,
Let me introduce myself. My name is Bonnie, 36 (ssst.. don’t tell) years old and I live in a town in the south of The Netherlands. I was raised in this town, my parents and sister live here, as well as most of my friends. During my Graphic Design and Creative Communication studies I lived in different cities like Amsterdam, Breda and Eindhoven but after I graduated I found a job in my hometown and a little later my boyfriend popped into my life and I never left. I used to think I was a real city person and, even now, every time I visit a big city I wish I lived there, but since I have my little girl I also love to be close to my family and I enjoy a 'town-life'. Barcelona really feels like my second home and I guess that when I ever decide to move to a big city it will be to that beautiful place. 

As a day job I am a freelance graphic designer. I work for several companies as for one on a weekly base. Every tuesday I work there and the rest of the week I work from home. About once a week I work an evening at my boyfriends place. He owns an Italian restaurant slash wine bar. 
Together with my man (not married though) I have a sweet, sparkling little girl named Pepper. She just turned 5 end of April. She really really is my everything. 

From when I was little I loved dressing up and fashion always was a big passion for me. My Graphic Design study was focused on fashion and I've always dreamt of working at a fashion magazine as a designer. This (till this day) never happened but fashion has never left my system. I have to say that since I have Pepper most of my shopping time is spend on items for her. Not that I look like a garbage bag myself but for Pepper I really can search and search and search until I find what I am looking for. No matter where in the world. If I want something, I will find it. I even get a little cranky when I don’t have any orders running somewhere. And I am the first one to admit it’s a true addiction. 

But for Smallittle Blog this addiction comes in handy so I am really excited and thrilled to be writing as a style contributor. Here I will share a style or brand I love. And I love many! Sometimes Pepper is a real girly girl, sometimes she is a little tomboy. I love the monochrome style but I am also crazy about colours. I am a print addict and I love to combine several ones. I also love to do a little matchy-matchy once in a while. And one more thing.. I love props!! Peppers glasses are for real but I also love all kinds of hairpieces, caps, sunglasses and funny items. 

For this week, as an introduction, I have chosen unisex items from two of my favorite brands, Gardner and the Gang and Quinn + FoxI hope I can inspire you! 

Until next time!


Outfit 1 
White tee | Caroline Bosmans
Denim short | Tumble ’n Dry 

Outfit 2
Hendrix tee | Quinn + Fox
Patsy short | Gardner and the Gang
Hair accessories | Pin Pretty
Boots | Dr Martens lookalikes
Eyewear | Very French Gangsters

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