GREENBERRYKIDS | ...and two little sisters

Giorgia was feeling under the weather the other day, so she took a day off from kindy. How sweet to see my two little daughters playing together in their lovely ballerina outfits! It also happened that I received these cute raccoon socks and the purple tutu from GREENBERRYKIDS just the day before and they were so perfect for a little dress up and fun for them on that morning!

Greenberrykids is a shop based in London and it features the best picks from Korean brands with a great selection of fresh, unique and fun designs. Their collection have a typically vintage Scandinavian style combined with the cute and peculiar Asian style prints.  Totally worth the visit! ;)


Paola wears:
Minidressing Racoon socks | Greenberrykids
Bene bene purple tutu skirt | Greenberrykids
Let's dance tee | YoungOneApparel
little purse | RoxyMarj

Giorgia wears:
Minidressing Racoon socks | Greenberrykids
Atsuyo et Akiko tutu skirt | ScandiMinis
Plie.Jete'.Piroutte. tee | HubbleandDuke

Gold glitter crown | H&M
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