A big call but it might be true! Because this book is about every book, the journey, the discovery, the ride, where will you go next? Graphic designer @rillaalexander illustrations are punchy and cool, saturated with rainbows of colour from front to back cover. It's brilliant and I can't wait for her next book, Her Idea.

Dear Readers, 

My name is Olivia, mother to two shiny little girls, wife to one awesome man, student (yes, mature aged), and collector of fabulous children’s books. After traveling and living abroad in my younger years, I now reside in bayside Melbourne, Australia, where I imagine I will live for a very long time, unless I am spirited away to France or Italy for 6 months of eating and reading and discovering. 
I am rather obsessed with children’s books. Fabulous children’s books. From classic masterpieces to nostalgic gems from my childhood to the incredible art that is many modern picture books. I can’t get enough. As a child, I was that girl with a book anywhere and everywhere, reading whatever I could. I would give picture books to my friends for their birthday’s in Liu of a birthday card during my twenties, and when my daughter was the size of a sesame seed in my belly, the collecting began. The little book collecting. I love everything about collecting books. I am creating a library for my girls that is positively blooming with the best of children’s literature, I love shopping for books, buying books, flipping through the pages at the book shop and getting that delicious feeling that I have found a good one, I love posting them to my Instagram account, @thelittlebookcollector. I adore getting feedback from my followers, kindred spirits, book lovers, book sniffers. My four year old will probably complain that we don’t have enough fairy books, candy pink pages, princess books, fashion books. There is no room for that in our little book collection. Well, ok, maybe just one small shelf. Next to the Peppa Pig and Frozen books. 

I hope you enjoy my little posts here, please share with me your favorites, your new finds.
I would love to hear from you.


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