LET THEM BE LITTLE... | Post by Fiona @nor_folk

In today’s age, where we have teenagers looking like adults, do we need our kids looking like teenagers?

Stanley has only recently celebrated his second birthday and I find myself more and more wanting to preserve and protect his youth. In our home we believe that kids should be kids, and when it comes to clothing the same rules apply. Stanley and I are big fans of the all in one, it allows him to be active and comfortable at the same time whilst looking pretty cute too, says the bias mama.

A few people have asked me lately “isn’t he too old for them?” Too old? To them I say, he’s two; he’s not even properly talking yet or even potty trained, how can he have become too old for an all in one? And when did we put an age bracket on an item of clothing, why must they grow up so fast?

Bon Tot UK stockists of Gray Label

Husband and Wife team, Kris and Graham of Bon Tot stock the beautiful and organic Gray Label. Curated for its simple, sharp lines and sophisticated palette.

Einav from Philadelphia makes modern and sustainable custom designed apparel for optimum comfort.

Are a UK based line who put a modern twist on a vintage piece and are the inspiration for this post as they wholeheartedly subscribe to the ethos, let them be little.

With companies like Forever a Freckle, Sweet Luka Mo and Gray Label creating well-designed, cool all in ones (I’m guessing that Stanley and I aren’t the only fans!)

Until Next time friends x

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