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I've always been a city girl at heart - even if I grew up in a really small town an hour from Copenhagen; and when I travel I almost always go to other big cities. Actually Copenhagen is not really a big city, it's just the biggest one we have here in Denmark. Like most capitals, my city has a lot to offer, even if it doesn't have the size of Berlin, the culture of Paris or the coolness of New York. Copenhagen is old, beautiful, nice, safe and very very kid friendly. Kids are welcome most anywhere in the city, and for tourists and residents both there are so many activities and possibilities for parents and children. One of my city's best features is its wonderful and plentiful playgrounds. They are everywhere in the city and most of them a really great. In this post I will talk about my favorite Copenhagen playgrounds, all in my area (Nørrebro), and show you a few pictures too.
In the part of town called Østerbro, not far from downtown Copenhagen, we have our very own version of Central Park - calledFælledparken. About three years ago, most of this park was modernized and numerous playgrounds were put in for Copenhageners to enjoy all year round. Since we live only 5 minutes of biking from Fælledparken, we really love all of these different playgrounds, so I'll just tell you a little bit about our three favorites. They are definitely worth checking out if you're travelling with kids and they are all within walking distance of each other.

The Tower Playground
This playground is the more central of the three playgrounds I'm going to mention, and therefore it's often a little crowded; especially on the weekends. It's modelled after some of the beautiful old towers of ancient Copenhagen, and each tower has a different function. There's a model of the Round Tower (Rundetårn) which has two rather large slides and a bridge connecting it to another smaller tower. The Tower Playground also has numerous coffee carts for all the parents and grandparents. Right next to the playground is an area made especially for kids on scooters, so it's not really for the bigger kids and teens on skateboard etc. In front of the playground is another important kid’s landmark, 'Suttetræet,' which means 'The Pacifier Tree,' where kids can leave their pacifiers when they are ready to stop using them for good. The Tower Playground also has a huge area with sand for building castles and digging holes as well as swings, playhouses, a basketball court, more slides etc.
All in all a great and very nice-looking playground. Very photogenic for those instagramming parents ;)

The Water Playground
This playground is unique and fantastic. Whenever the weather is all right between May and September, the water is turned on and the space turns into a gigantic water paradise where you can dip your feet, splash around, play with massive water guns, climb, run and be crazy. And if you're a baby, you're welcome too,  but wear a swimming diaper or little swim trunks in case of accidents... Right next to the water playground is an ice cream shop where mom and dad can get a cup of coffee or a hot dog for the whole family. There's also a grassy area for picnics and a small playground on dry land for those who are not into water play. On a hot summer day, or any summer day really, this playground is a Copenhagen must! We use it all year round, because even without the water, it's still a fun place to hang out and the girls drive around the pool area on their mini bikes or scooters.

The Traffic Playground
It is a well-known fact that Copenhageners bike a lot. Well, a lot a lot! We bike everywhere in our tiny big city and therefore our kids also learn to ride a bike at a very early age. Most 2-year-olds have a 'running bike' which is simply a small bike with no pedals where you use your legs to move forward. Small children quickly become very good at this which means that we have 3 and 4-year-olds who can bike perfectly on real bikes with pedals and everything. Very cute, but kinda scary too. Because of this development, the city of Copenhagen has installed The Traffic Playground in Fælledparken. The playground is a mini version of the city, complete with little bus stops, traffic lights that changes color, and roads, bike paths and sidewalks. Here, the little ones can practice the rules of traffic without a car in sight and parents can enjoy a cup of coffee (from the many many coffee carts) while watching their kids bike around in the middle of the small streets and always crossing at the red lights. It's a great place, though, and it's not all for traffic practice, but definitely also for fun. Bring your bike, scooter, roller-skates or skateboard; there's room for everyone.

Whether you are in Copenhagen for the first time or you've been here many times, Fælledparken is definitely a wonderful place to hang out. And if you're at the Tower Playground, you're dangerously close to the very delicious (and photogenic) popsicles of Olufs Is (@olufsis) and their artisan Italian ice cream. 

Enjoy :)


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