My first post in the capacity of style contributor documented our love of classic yet still modern monochrome. But, for as long as I can remember, I’ve loved pops of neon and, in particular, pink. Since Stanley was born I have fought against pre-conceptions that pink is a ‘girl’s colour.’ At four months old, he regularly wore a neon pink baby grow. Not to cause a stir or to be controversial – just because the colour really suited him and it was uplifting. Since then, I’ve been hooked on him wearing pink and any other neon colours for that matter. Why? Because they’re fun. And isn’t that what childhood is all about? Stanley’s character is flamboyant and charismatic, so why shouldn’t his clothes reflect his personality?

We recently acquired a few tees from Bon Tot. They are currently exclusively stocking LA based Baby Sesame in the UK. This line has some great minimalist threads and we are huge fans. We love the geometric feel and graphic design-led aesthetic.

I also hold a very special place in my heart for Gardner and the Gang and have been a loyal supporter for over a year. Whilst they’re not always neon, they are always colourful. This current line, as you can see below, really indulges in my love of magenta and we think Patsy the Zebra is pretty special!
And, of course, colour can transcend to outwear too. I was lucky to snap up this Ruffle and Huddle coat in the sale and it will be a sad day when Stanley outgrows it!

Colours don’t have a gender, just preconceptions. So my advice would be to embrace colour, and wear it loud and proud. 

Till next month friends, 

Fi x

Image credits.
1. Tee from Bon Tot by Baby Sesame, leggings by Kapow Kids, cushions by Bang Bang Copenhagen.
2. Tee from Bon Tot by Baby Sesame, leggings by Gardner and The Gang, cushions by Bang Bang Copenhagen.
3. Tee from Bon Tot by Baby Sesame, shorts by Kapow Kids, camera from Scout and Co Kids by Twig Creative.
4. Neon from pinterest
5. Sweater and leggings by Gardner and The Gang, cushion by Bang Bang Copenhagen.
6. Tee by Luna and The Boy, shorts by Kapow Kids, socks and mask by Hubble and Duke
7. Ruff and Huddle coat, Sweet Luka Mo leggings.

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