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The spring has sprung and the sun is warm just enough to make us think of the summer holidays. I hope all of you are making some summer holiday plans, right about NOW (or have done so  already), because so are we, so are we!!! We are going to Poland, like usually, like every year, but it is always oh so exciting, exiting and a bit scary…

It was not always scary, before I had Simon I was looking forward to that 10 hour flight, 10 hour just to myself, with a book, a magazine or even better, those 30th some channels in front of me on that little screen, all to myself. I could flip through them all I wanted, even for the entire 10 hours.  And hey, how about those little food trays and little cups with free soda, J’adore! Absolutely, nothing scary about any of it, except for maybe an occasional snoring guy in the next seat, but that is just risk accumulated into the whole process, I guess earphones always came in handy. BUT NOW, oh the but now….. Ever since having Simon all this has changed, every time it is a whole new journey, and every time we fly together, he is different and I don’t know what to expect.

First times we flew together to Poland was “en womb” or “2 in 1”. I went twice while pregnant, once at 10 weeks, once at 33 weeks, both times were slightly different but let’s say, traveling with Simon as a compacted duo was the easiest. The next trip was when Simon was just a mere 6 months, then a year later when he was 1.5 years and then when he was 2.5 years. We are going now again and he is 3 years old and some months.
Yet again, I think one could consider me as an experienced veteran, flying across the ocean with a small child, but I think there is no such thing, it is more like black magic, you really don’t know the rules, you kind of just roll with them, you may pretend you know what is going on but overall you just hope it will be over soon. But it is not horrible, it is doable and it is definitely beautiful in a way, in a way of doing something hard together and surviving it all, proving to the world, that it remained in fact open.

With all that being said, let me share a few notes about different traveling stages with small humans, and some tips and tricks I think could be useful:

Flying intercontinental while pregnant: I traveled early in my pregnancy and very late, both could be considered risky, but after consulting with my doctor, I was always given the green light. Just remember to stay hydrated, double the amount of water and ask for a bigger cup or the whole bottle, airplane air will suck you dry with double the force while pregnant. Also try to walk a bit more, and wear comfy clothes, It is definitely a good time to wear those leggings as pants, if that is not the right time and place I don’t know what is.
Flying intercontinental with infant on lap: You may think it will be the hardest thing you will have to do as a parent, but just wait and see how it is to travel with a toddler that moves, so just relax, breath and try to enjoy it, it won’t be so bad, I promise. My tip is to whenever there is an alarm going off and bebe starts crying, it is good to try feeding, it may help with the ear pressure, it may help with the dry air, feeding generally is all you need with an infant. If you bottle feed, bring plenty of baby food, if you breastfeed, you are all set, just remember to wear some drapey clothes so you can do it comfortably. Bring also a light blanket, it will serve as a shield from a nipple flash, but also insulate the baby from all the craziness around him/her, it can also get chilly so you both may need it to snuggle and stay warm. I say forget the stroller and put your eggs, I mean a baby in one basket, I mean infant carrier, we had an Ergo baby, and we loved it, but a sling or a wrap are also great, if you know how to quickly untie yourself at a security check in, I didn’t once and it was quite funny to watch I bet. Maybe the video is still online somewhere.
Flying intercontinental with a young toddler: Generally toddlers under two are just the craziest, full of energy but lacking focus and really, really hard to keep sedated for longer than 20 minutes. for this stage I really have no tips but taking these 20 minutes at a time, iPad and books and new toys may help, but again everything is very temporary and generally 3 hours into a 10 hour flight you are ready to disembark the plane, my only advice is to ask for wine, and focus on the destination, it will be over eventually.
Flying intercontinental with an older toddler: when Simon turned 2.5 we flew to Poland again and it was nothing like the year before, he sat and played on the iPad, his attention was captured by the little TV screen too for quite some time, he even let me eat something, overall he was way, way better. It was like day and night really. My  only tip is to pack a lightweight stroller even though they are good walkers, they are heavy and the distances may still be too far for them to walk, especially if you need to move quick from gate to gate.
Flying intercontinental while pregnant with a toddler: well that is my friends where the story ends, if I survive I will tell you how it went… :)


Simon is wearing NoSweetkids hat and tank:
Adidas Superstars and H&M shorts 

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