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Welcome to my first post about my son Stanley’s style. For kids clothes, some people consider black and white (monochrome) a bit serious, stark, even morbid(!). I disagree – I think it can be classic yet contemporary and, as you’ll see in this post, it can also be fun and stylish. It’s all about the execution. With that in mind, I’ve decided to share with you some monochrome garments that adorn Stanley’s wardrobe.
Upon deciding on this topic, I contacted my friend Sarah of Californian-based Young One Apparel – I admire her minimal and modern aesthetic, which she combines with musical reference. I recently learned that Sarah’s inspiration is born from the relationship she has with her Dad and their mutual love of music. One of Sarah’s first t-shirts carried the line ‘don’t stop me now’ (Queen), which, I’m sure, all parents of toddlers will identify with. Her designs are printed on American Apparel garments and are of a very high quality and also hard wearing.

Another brand that comes to mind is Mingo Kids, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They make a beautiful range of monochrome basics, which wash really well and fit Stanley perfectly. Whilst they do use plenty of colour in their ranges, I’ve presented their black and white stripes which perfectly complete many an ensemble.

My post on monochrome wouldn’t be complete without a mention of our own brand, Nor–Folk. Our garments have a graphic design led approach – largely influenced and informed by my other job. We are proud that our wares are hand screen-printed, here in our home city of Norwich, Norfolk. Thus far, we have introduced the (all monochrome) Nor–Folk Basics range. As well as our first collection, named The Wonder Years, a series of black and white typographic tees.

I’m always researching and discovering new leggings and trousers to compliment the array of wonderful tees and sweatshirts Stanley wears. Some of my favourites are pictured below.

Sweet Lukamo paint splattered leggings carry a spectrum of greys so work with everything.

I’ve also recently found Shampoodle and particularly love their ‘bones’ leggings – appreciating the graphic execution.

Seamstress queens TeepeeTots&Co source unique patterns for leggings, as well as producing some very cute moccasins.

One of my good friends, Louise of Jax & Hedley, produces some lovely monochrome tees – and some gorgeous marble leggings that are soon to be released.

Next month, I’ll be demonstrating that, whilst we’re big fans of monochrome, we love our fair pop of colour too.

Until next month friends,

Fi x

Fiona Burrage is founder and creative director of Nor–Folk – a graphic design led apparel, homewares and lifestyle brand. You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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