ISE AND SAARTJE'S ROOMS | guest post by Eline (part 1)


I'm Eline. I live in the Netherlands with my cute little family :) My oldest (5) is Ise (it means Iron/Ice) and Saartje (almost 3). Saartje means little Sarah in Dutch. I'm married to the sweetest man on earth, Arjan.
I'm a photographer and shoot mostly newborn babies and families, all in my own pure light lifestyle way.

We live in a very old house, this year we celebrate it's 100th birthday ;-) There are some ups and downs to an old house, but we mostly love it. It really gives our house character and together with our mixed style it makes our home.

Today I am sharing Ise's room, pictured below. One funny thing is that I actually hate flowery wallpaper and I blame it on the hormones for this choice while I was pregnant! I really would like to change it but Ise loves it, so I think I will leave it for a while!


You are loved decal - Shanna Murray (
Garland diamond shape - Hema return to sender (
Furniture - Ikea
Wallpaper - Pip Studio (
Pompoms - Lang zal ze leven (
Felt Garland - DIY
Swing - Ikea
Box on desk - Helen Dardik (
Rails and bins above desk - Ikea
Bedding - Hema (

end part 1

Eline is going to share Saartje's room next week here again on the blog. Stay tuned to see another sweet little girl's bedroom...paper birdhouses, a blue powder rug, a sweet rocking chair and more! Don't miss it!

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