ISE AND SAARTJE'S ROOM | Guest post by Eline (part 2)

If you were with us last Friday, you'd have the pleasure to spy into Ise's room. Remember the flowery wallpaper that let me fall in love with Eline's little girl's room? That is! Today is all about Saartje's room and it is nothing less than her sister's. Sweet birdshouses hanged on the wall, a cute rocking chair and a blue powder rug, that's not all, but definitely is my coup de coeur. 
Just scroll down to enjoy more details shots of Saartje's room and of course find all the helpful links at the end for your reference. ;)


Poster cat - Fur and glasses by Audrey Jeanne

Clothes - Zara & Mango

Postcards - Audrey Jeanne & Belle and Boo
Furniture - Ikea
Rocking Chair - te leuk hout (
Rug - VT wonen (
Dollhouse - DIY
Paper birdhouses - Studio Ditte (
Wallpaper - Pip Studio (
Bedding - H&M
Lamp - Lady Lace (

Thanks for coming back, hope you enjoyed it!

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