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I have been following quite for a while now the lovely Kate from the Instagram account @mauriceandking and it is with no surprise that she has become popular in the squares life in a very short time. I just tell you this: she leaves in one of the most eclectic European cities, I love her vintage style furniture and I like to see her two boys playing around the house. Enjoy the interview! 

1. Kate, please introduce yourself and your lovely family. (Where are you originally from, Where did you meet your husband, where were your kids born and raised, Where do you live now).
I'm Australian and my husband is French. We met 9 years ago in London - we were both living abroad and working in our first jobs. But my visa was about to expire and there was great panic over what would become of us, when he was offered a job in Sydney. It was fate! We lived in Sydney for 7 years and had our two sons there (Etienne, 5 and Jacques, 3). We recently relocated back to London. My parents and my sister all live in the UK and my husband has family in the UK and France, so we're excited to be back!

2. In which neighborhood are you located? (Please list also some characteristics of the neighborhood: is it a new urbanized area or is it an old one? What is the style: modern, ultra modern, Victorian style, etc.)
We live in Notting Hill, in West London. It’s a beautiful neighbourhood, filled with rows of colourful terraced houses and doorways. It’s an old neighbourhood, but filled with vibrant shops, restaurants and markets.

3. What is your idea of styling the house with two little kids (practical, fancy designer furniture; cheap furniture IKEA style, thrift, etc.)

There is nothing in our house that is out of bounds for our kids. When choosing (and culling!) furniture and housewares, we always make sure to keep items that suit everyday life with children. I love a home that tells a story, and I guess our various items of vintage furniture, collected artworks and travel finds express that. My husband and I both have an interest in interiors, especially mid-century design, but we also have a limited budget, so we're always hunting for creative, affordable solutions for furnishings and storage. I spend a lot of time scouting eBay!

4. Where (in which room or space of the house) does your family get louder (in terms of enjoying each other's company by telling funny things or what happened during the day, etc.)?
Definitely the kitchen. We have a small, eat-in kitchen and it can get pretty rowdy in there at meal times! I love to sit around the table and hear the boys’ stories from the day or discuss the day’s plans over breakfast.

5. Where (in which room or space of the house) does your family get quiet (in terms of chilling and relaxing)?
The only quiet, relaxing time in our house is bed time! ;)

6. What makes you love your home in London?
London is such a wonderful city with kids. There are an abundance of (free!) museums and child-friendly activities and getting around London is very easy. My boys LOVE getting on the Underground trains, double-decker buses and in to black cabs. But undoubtedly the best part of London is the abundance of parks and green space - there are a never-ending amount of adventures to be had in London parks, no matter the season. There is a wonderful sense of community in London when you have kids too. Once you move into a neighbourhood, you quickly find that other people in your school, nursery or play group are also living close-by, in your street, or even in your building! It makes it very easy to make new friends. We are always running in to people we know at the park or on the street, and often have little neighbours knocking on our door for play dates.

8. I think almost every mother seeks organizational perfection at home. How do you manage to keep your house stylish with 2 little kids?
Having children has definitely affected our style. We used to have a lot more "stuff" - decorations, candles, soft furnishings, a coffee table!! But since having the boys, we've pared-down a lot. I find it makes life a lot simpler! One of my all time favourite sayings is by William Morris; "Have nothing in your home that you don't know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful" and I really live by this. If I don't love something, either for its practicality or beauty, it goes. I actually prefer having less. I'm a firm believer in Feng Shui and I think a more minimal interior can really improve the flow of good energy in a home. It's also a lot easier to keep tidy!

9. Is there anywhere else in the world that you wish or dream to live in? And what would be your idea of a house in such a place?
We recently went on a skiing holiday in the French Alps. There’s something about the mountains that’s so wonderful and serene - all that fresh air and spectacular scenery. I’m now dreaming of a chalet in the mountains, filled with Scandinavian furniture and textiles, where we can escape the hustle and bustle of city life and live like the VonTrapps!

Thank you so much Kate for sharing your space with us!

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