ANORAK Magazine - A new digital edition

What a great big news to receive from Anorak Magazine! When Cathy, the founding editor of the magazine, contacted us last month to let us know that now Anorak is digitally available, we totally fell off the chair. If you live in a country like me where the magazine is not present, you might understand our jump of joy. I bought a few copies of Anorak Mag online in the past and it truly is the most beautiful illustrated magazine for kids.

Aimed at children (boys and girls) aged 6+, Anorak's digital edition mirrors the format and the theme of the quarterly paper magazine. Both the paper and the digital issue are packed with beautifully illustrated stories to read and to listen to, word searched games and colouring pages. My kids had so much fun at finding out all the new contents in their Ipads.

Anorak app is available as an Ipad app only and you can directly buy and download it here.
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