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Let me be honest - I love shoes and I always had. There's something about the shoes you wear that makes a statement about who you are. It all lies in the subtle details like an exquisite lazer-cut pattern, beautiful stitching or the shape of the heal - we all recognize a true quality shoe when we see one. And we certainly feel it too. I have worn hundreds of pretty, but uncomfortable shoes and the ones I remember are the shoes that just fit. They ones that feel like the slippers you only wear at home, but look like a million.  


When I became a mother I very conveniently transferred my shoe-obsession onto my girls and before they could even walk, they had a growing collection of baby shoes for our cold floors at home and even little mouse ballerinas from Marc Jacobs (which my husband thought was a little over the top ;).

When it was finally time to get the first pair of real shoes for Olivia, I realized that I had no idea what to look for in kids shoes – apart from the obvious cuteness factor. Online I read of couple of articles on footwear for kids and I kept coming across the same 3 or 4 brands on the Danish market - one of them was Angulus.


Angulus is a Danish shoe brand established in 1904. The shoes are designed in Denmark and made in Portugal. They are made to have the best fit possible – for little feet as well as grown-up ones. And they're pretty too. Sooooo pretty!

Buying shoes for children can be a real challenge, but as soon as I saw Angulus in real life, the choice became very easy. There they were: beautiful little silver beginner's shoes with the prettiest stitching and the best shape for my daughters little untrained feet. I wanted them and I was way excited when the shoe lady popped them into the little white box.


Since then we have stuck with Angulus. Normally we get around 6 pairs of shoes a year for each of the girls: one pair of running shoes and one pair of mary janes for Spring, sandals for Summer, Chelsea boots for Autumn and two pairs of lined boots for winter.

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