Last month we started to renovate the entire top floor of our house and that means basically our bedrooms. We have rearranged a new layout so that all of us can have our own room. Before the renovation, my two eldest were sharing the bedroom. 

Thanks to the white walls, I was able to "split" the room into a girl's and a boy's side. The interior decorations played the main part. Giorgia, my daugther, got a beautiful white bedding with a reindeer print from byNord Copenhagen, then I added small accessories like a few cushions to make her corner a bit more pinkish as she likes. I also sticked some pink fluo dots on her bed corner wall and I hung some cotton balls night lights and sweet pink cards above her bed head. The lovely toys from Maileg completed the girlish look.

Flavio, my son, loves bold colours and in particular fluo green! When he was still a little man, I bought this red Zebra painting for his room. I think I knew it since then that I would have given a kind of vintage look for his space. In fact I also painted few corners of his room in red, which I have to say worked well for when my girl was ready to move in to the room with her big brother!

He likes super heros, so we put few toys in display, a Spidey mask, some books BUT not a bedding (please!). To go with the vintage/superheros/bold colours look, I bought the hot dogs cool bedding from Minirodini. Its mustard shade recalls the old collection of Micky Mouse books next to his bed, that he inherited from his dad! I love this and I think I am going to use again in his new room.  At night when he can't fall asleep, the batman night light brings him the best company, together with a good superhero book! :))

Girl's side: prints by AprilandMay from thismodernlife | mushroom stood night lamp from teaandkatewebsite bedding byNord from thismodernlife | Maileg toys from teaandkatewebsite | Elephant print by Seventy Tree from fourmonkeys | Elephant cushion by Gingiber from thismodernlife | Miffy lamp and Mr Moon print from cissywears.

Boy's side: bedding Minirodi | batman nigh lamp by AprilEleven from fourmonkeys | hedgehog cushion by byNord from thismodernlife. 
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