Hi everyone, 
I'm Mille Maria, mother of Olivia (4) and Isabella (2). My family and I live in a two-bedroom apartment of 90 m2 in the Nørrebro-area of Copenhagen, Denmark. Sometimes when I'm just about to go crazy from too much stuff in too little space, I remind myself just how much I LOVE the city and how I could never really live anywhere else. We use the city SO much - the cafés and restaurants, the little shops, the playgrounds, the parks and the museums and galleries. I love all the possibilities and I particularly love the fact that I can always get a falaffel at 2am or Ben&Jerry's Chunky Monkey whenever I need it (and sometimes as a mom you just do!)
I grew up in a small town by the sea, just one hour north of Copenhagen. It is truly a small town in all regards and nothing much happens there, but luckily this little town has one big asset which attracts over half a million visitors every year - my little town is the home of famous art museum, Louisiana. My parents weren't exactly art afficionados, but they like culture, and my brother and I were often taken to museums, plays, operas and ballets (I LOVE the ballet and I'm still convinced that I would have made a wonderful ballerina).

When I was about five, I had a bunch of favorite artists at Lousiana and by 15, I came there as often as I could. Very early on, I knew that art was the thing for me (not as an artist, because tragically I lack talent), but I knew that art just had to be part of my life in some big way - I just didn't know how. When it came to choosing a subject for my university studies, I chose Literature and Art History because it felt natural and because it was fun ;) I met my husband Torben at university in 2006 where we both studied English Literature - and 1 month later I left Copenhagen to study French Art and Culture in Southern France for almost a year. We stayed in touch and he sent me little updates and photos. When I finally returned to Copenhagen, we quickly reconnected - I felt so lucky that he had waited for me - and six months later we moved in together and got married in May, 2009. The same year, I got my master's degree in English Literature and Art History and my husband got his in English Lit and History.

After university, it was my plan to begin building my career in the art world, but life surprised me - twice! - and we had Olivia and Isabella with a gap of just 18 months between them. Suddenly I was the proud (and terrified!) owner of two babies, having to make the difficult choice of staying at home with them or focusing on my career. After many long talks about the kind of life we wanted for ourselves – and for out kids – I chose to stay at home with the girls and so I became a stay-at-home mom for the next almost 4 years.
By now my girls are bigger, they are both in day care while my husband and I work – me in the art world, managing the social media of different museums and art institutions as well as repping for different brands in my own instagram profile (@missmillemaria) – and my husband teaching English and History at Christianshavns Gymnasium (High School).
My contributions to this blog will be mainly about lifestyle; kids and art, travel, childrens' wear, kids interiors and little projects to do with toddlers and babies.
I'm so excited about my next post - I hope you will be too :)

xoxo Mille

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