Hello! helloooo world down under, so lovely to see you and you and you here today. I feel like my voice carries over at least a few time zones right now! Hello! I am in the western hemisphere, opposite to the one of this blog and pretty much behind everyone else.
So a few words about me, my name is Anna, but I always went by Ania, which morphed into Anja even though technically it should be Anya, generally I will respond to all four names, so no worries. I currently live in Chicago, IL, USA, but I was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. My whole family lives there and I miss them dearly, but I also visit them as often as I can and that is a great part of living away - the reunions and happy vacations together. I met my husband, James, when as a polish exchange student came to the USA. I remember seeing him for the first time thinking “here is my American boy” and then “maybe if I can wash some of that gel out of his hair, we could date” (…) apparently American boys at the time wore more styling product in their hair than polish boys did, yet it wasn’t something that stood between us. We dated long-distance for 4 years because I decided that no matter what I need to finish my degree that I had started in Poland. He would visit me and I would go back to the States during the summers.

When we finally graduated, we decided to do something with this relationship of ours, so much invested in it (just the plane tickets would probably amount to a nice car, or two and a boat, okay maybe not a boat). After all these were my prime dating years, hello, my beautiful youth, so the stakes were high, our youth and riches…. Long story short, we decided we could not live without each other any longer. We got married and I moved to the USA permanently and shortly after we settled in Chicago, where we both found jobs. Next, the adult life, we bought a condo, we traveled around (we saw Thailand! – so I feel even more connected to Nico, we saw the amazing Cambodia, South Korea, Peru). I worked as Marketing Communications manager for an association of law firms, my husband worked as a graphic designer for a design company. Life was good but I felt like it was passing by way too fast and I was not filling it out with anything  meaningful, I felt burned out and lost, sorta of early fin du si├Ęcle … until 2011. It was a breakthrough year, a year when I got pregnant, but also a year when I decided to go back to grad school to pursue an MBA. Three years later, I am about to graduate, I left my job last year to be a full time student, and Simon just turned three and it the best thing I have ever done on earth.

I feel like we will be starting a new chapter soon, but you will have to come back for the next pages to fill the rest of this story… as we will be unfolding in front of your very eyes, our adventures, city escapades, our ideas for fashion and leisure, possibly some musings on motherly things, or Simons musings on toddler things, we will see, but we know that we want to keep on writing the next chapters alongside with you. 
So hello there, nice to meet you, thank you for coming and please remember to come back again!


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