My baby girl is turning ONE today! I cannot believe that a year has passed by since I gave birth to this little angel. Paola came by surprise. Not that we have stopped at two, a third one was on our mind, but certainly we didn't expect her so fast!!! It was a mix of joy and fear for me. A family of  F I V E ? Would I have been good enough to raise three children?
That was my biggest dilemma which kept whirling on my head for a few months until my belly grew bigger and I started to feel a little baby moving inside me. Then I relaxed. I suddenly felt a mommy of three and I felt comfortable in this new position. 
A couple of days ago a friend of mine told me that I actually inspired her to have a third baby. W O W ! That's a huge compliment for me! I've never thought to inspire anyone. Others usually inspire me. It really made my night. Thank you sweet friend! 
Being a mother of three is nothing different than being a mother of one. When you are a mother, your mother's instinct and your unconditional love won't be just reserved for one kid, but they will split proportionally into pieces as many as your children are. 
I am so happy to be a mother of three now and I am so glad that I can celebrate my sweet girl today. Paola, you couldn't be more perfect than you already are and we couldn't asked for a better fit with our family! Happy First Birthday! Love you forever. 

Paola's outfit: 

Dress - Nobodinoz - from
Crown  from 
Miffy Lamp from
Print by Lisa Grue
DIY Word Banner by OMMDesign from

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