The bell is ringing and it's back to school time. School desk checked, telescope checked, map on the wall checked. Science, geography, maths, letters and all the school subjects have kicked off and in full swing. Yes, I know, we haven't fully recovered from the holidays yet and we are still wishing to soaking up the sun and dreaming of eating ice-creams everyday, but c'mon being back to school is fun after all!

Story caption: 
The boy is a bit reluctant at listening to the teacher and he's trying to reading his favorite comics or listening to the his music. On the other hand the teacher tries her best to catch attention from her student. She gets cross at first but then she can't resist to the fun and she hops onto the table in her ballerina outfit and starts to dance!

Boy's outfit: new AW14 Bobochoses sweatshirts - Feiyue Tiger Sneakers - Fox&Finch grey denim -  QuinnandFox Bulls sweater - Fyallraven Mini backpack

Girl's outfit: Zara Denim shirt - New QuinnandFox Bandit Bear Track pants - Saltwatersandals shoes - Zara cross bag
AtsuyoatAkiko LOVE tee - AtsuyoetAkiko Neon Pink Tutu - Thief&Bandit Leggings

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