kidsroomZOOM!#4 - art and design for kids

Tent by Kalon Studio
ecological furniture by Nonah
furniture by Muzzle-Design
Table and stools by Nonah
table by Studio delle Alpi - wooden blocks by Rijada
stools&table by Blueroom - armchairs by KlipKlap - garlands by Un Samedi
Soft toys by Ugly Toys
castle by CD&Z Design4kids
letter chairs by Il Mondo di Eve
house shelves by Due Punti Spazio - Music Box by Georges
bed by Kid's Modulor - Softy Bear Blanket by Fabulous Goose

I finally managed to be in Italy this year to attend an exhibition dedicated to the design and art for children.  kidsroomZOOM!#4 is, curated by unduetrestella,  the only and most important event in the field of childhood during the Milan Design Week. This gorgeous event aims to promote contemporary art and design for the little ones and their families.

After the great experience to be hosted in a special preschool, at its fourth edition, kidsroomZOOM! has returned to its home dimensions. A very cool apartment, on the mezzanine floor of a residential early XIX century building, opened its doors to an amazing array of international designers.

Every year kidsroomZOOM! presents a special topic interesting both for children and adults. This year was My Superpower is... On this occasion a set of workshops were organized for kids. We couldn't miss out on Build your Superhero lab directed by Il Gufo, which was great fun for the kids to sew from scratch their superhero with bottons, laces and fabrics!

with Paola Noe, founder of Unduetrestella and creator/promoter of kidsroomZOOM!

At the lab with Il Gufo sewing our superhero

mission accomplished!
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