MINI MOCKS - Handmade in Sweden

 I saw this beautiful baby moccasins in a feed on Instagram and I wanted to know more about the lady behind MINI MOCKS. Petra Gardefjord is Swedish. She started to design and sew moccasins for her toddler as she was in search of a perfect shoe that could make those little feet comfy and happy too. I perfectly know what she meant. I have two kids and one baby and looking for shoes for small feet is not always easy - they need to be soft and safe.
I like that Mini Mocks are handmade with environment-friendly, vegetable tanned leather from Uppland. The leather is also chrome free and does not produce allergies - that means it is completely safe for your baby - even to chew on it!

You can buy Mini Mocks from their online shop here - they ship worldwide! - and you can also follow them on IG @minimockspetra.

Petra is on maternity leave and she's taking a short break right now, but in few months she will come back with more styles for the moccs. Follow her and watch her space at

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