RAFA Kids - design to play

Rafa-kids is a beautiful children furniture brand that originates from a shared dream of two married Dutch architects, Agata and Arek Seredyn, who wanted to design practical, functional, high quality and appealing furniture for their own kids. They aim to make a playful design for kids and create at the same time products that can encourage creativity and growth: away from the commonplace that a bed is just for sleeping, the designers see this also as a creative territory, flexible and adaptable for many children's needs. 

I love both the teen bed (first picture above) and the toddler bed (second picture on the left). The teen bed is modern and elegant, just lifted enough from the ground to provide the best comfort when lying, sitting or chilling out on, during the day --- I will keep this in mind for the future!
The toddler bed is also very modern, but more playful. I love the big wheels that not only make a great design detail but also they are very practical every time you need to move the bed around. It is also very safe thanks to the elevated sides of the bed which are perforated with holes to allow the kid to play with it and look around.

Last but not least, the swing is just a little design piece to add to your kid's bedroom for hours of fun!

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