BABY PAOLA IS BORN - Welcome my new baby girl

Hello, I'm back! It took me 14 long days to post something on the blog...sorry, but you can imagine why...
My baby girl was born on 22nd October and since then it has been quite a challenge managing my whole family orchestra!
The week I gave birth my two eldest kids were on their school half term break - which translates to "they were HOME all day!" - and the week after we were all back to school routines - up at 6AM, pack school bags, do homework in the afternoon, prepare an early dinner, shower the kids, put them to bed at night, feed the baby all night and back up at 6AM!!! Yes, this is my life!
Anyhow, we are all doing fine and we are the happiest family with our sweet new addition. Kids are over the moon and they are wondering when baby P can wake up to play with them :)
Above I'm sharing with you some pics of baby Paola when she was still at the hospital.
Beautiful, indelible moments that I will never forget. Miss them already. 

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