An ordinary day after school with Petit Bateau.

This was a few weeks ago, but basically it can be every day. When my kids are back home from school in the afternoon they usually love to relax on the couch by watching a movie while having some snacks. Oh, let me tell you, it's really a looooong day for them! They need to wake up early around 6.00am as the school starts early here in Bangkok and they won't be back before 3pm.

But you also know kids! Mine are built up with the strongest and most powerful batteries that I have never seen before as at the end of the day they can really still continue to play even after dinner! So, after that PM movie break they are immediately off to play outside in our garden trying to master the weirdest jumps and somersaults that a kid can think of when inside a trampoline. :)

In these pics both of my kids are wearing a Petit Bateau piece. I really love this brand and since my kids were born I always had them wearing the bodysuits and other essentials, the PJs and also some clothing from this lovely label. The cotton is so soft and the fitting is just so perfectly French - never too big or loose - so alway consider a size up when you buy.

Have you seen its AW13 collection yet? see it here.

F wears: essential white singlet - G wears: pink cotton shorts SS13 - All Petit Bateau

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