AT HOME WITH...Courtney Adamo from Babyccino Kids

I'm so excited to start today the new post series AT HOME WITH... and I am so glad to have Courtney Adamo from the popular blog Babyccino as opening guest.

I first heard of Courtney Adamo when last year I stumbled across Babyccino Kids shopping portal, a virtual platform where you can find all the best children boutiques and shop beautiful stylish products for your kids from all over the world. I soon discovered that Babyccino Kids has also a great blog where Courtney together with Esther and other contributors writes of daily motherhood tips. I became intrigued of Courtney's London life and I started to follow her on Instagram. Her feeds about her family lifestyle made me fall in love with her house and I couldn't resist to share here with you. Courtney tells us about in which corner of the house her family gets louder and where she dreams to live in one day. Read some Q&A with Courtney below.

Courtney, introduce yourself and your family.
I grew up on a farm in the Seattle area, in the northwest of America. I met my husband in Los Angeles shortly after graduating from University, and three months later we moved to London together. My husband signed a one-year contract and we thought we were moving to London for a year, excited to travel around Europe. Who would have thought that we would still be here ten years later?! And with a house full of children! We have four kids, two boys (aged 8 and 6) and two girls (aged 4 and 10 months). They were all born here in London, and after ten years here we definitely consider this our home.

In which neighborhood are you located? 
We've lived in several different London neighborhoods, but currently live in the leafy north London neighborhood of Highgate. It's a very old, mostly Victorian village on a hill, overlooking central London. We like it because we're within walking distance to Hampstead Heath, which is one of London's largest parks - we spend our weekends running around Heath, going for long walks, playing Frisbee, riding bikes, etc.

Did you buy your house before or after you had kids? If you bought it after, what was your idea of styling the house?
We bought the house three years ago when we had three children. It was in a really bad, run-down state, so we had to spend six months renovating it to its current state. We were attracted to the size of the back garden, quite big for London standards, and the idea of creating a big, family kitchen just off the garden where we could spend the majority of our time together. The decor is quite simple - nothing fancy! We tried to respect the original Victorian style of the home, but to modernize it enough for our family.

Where (in which room or space of the house) does your family get louder? 
Definitely the kitchen! We like to have impromptu dance parties with the kids - we move the table and chairs to the side of the room and let them dance around. So fun! It's really where we spend most of our time together.

Where (in which room or space of the house) does your family get quiet?
We have a small den, just off the kitchen, where the kids often play games, read books, watch movies, etc.

What makes you love your house in London?
I love that we had the opportunity to renovate it and got to create a home that reflects our style. I also love that it's family friendly and filled with children's laughter.

Your house style appears to me so clean and well organized, and it effuses such a relaxing atmosphere. Does it reflect your personality?
Even as a little girl, I liked things to be neat and tidy. I have always kept my homes organized - I just don't function well with clutter around me. So yes, I think this is reflected in my home. (Although on a Sunday night after the kids have been home all weekend, playing crazy, my organized home is a total mess! So as long as you don't show up then, you'll find a mostly tidy home.)

I think almost every mother seeks organizational perfection at home. How do you manage to keep your house stylish with four kids?
I'm constantly tidying, picking up toys, making beds, etc. I also have a housekeeper who helps me a few days a week to watch the children and clean the house. It's definitely a two-man job, and I'm so thankful for her help.

Is there anywhere else in the world that you wish or dream to live in? And what would be your idea of a house in such a place?
I would love to live somewhere sunny and warm! I would be happy living in a little home on the water, with windows open at night and the sound of waves soothing me to sleep. There is nothing better!

Thank you so much Courtney for opening your house doors to WOWkdl and for sharing this with me. Needless to say that I love each and every corner of your house and I must confess that I have an utility deep sink envy now!

p.s: AT HOME WITH... post series started from the idea to share some details of my house here.

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