DEUZ - Bright and lively creations for kids 0-10 yrs old.

Two sisters. Charlotte and Marie. One financial controller and globetrotter who looks for dedicated manufacturers and printers. The other one graphic designer and happy mum who draws, cuts and creates pieces with designs and colors to wake you up. Together they make DEUZ.

I love all of their creations, I love the use of energetic colors that really makes their designs so bright and lively. I love the fact that Charlotte and Marie pay attention to the selection of materials which are safe for the kids and which respect our planet (certified organic cottons, natural dyes, recycled paper...).

I've recently bought a TAPIKID (playmat) and it was meant to be used for my baby girl Paola (due in two months) but then as soon as my two older kids saw it they immediately wanted to play with it! Well, how I could say no, they've really had so much fun in recreating a city life with their toys and the TAPIKID. You should have seen them playing with the supermarket and the cashier - sorry, I didn't take pictures of that as we were so much into the role play that I forgot it!

TAPIKID is a playmat made of a heavy canvas in organic cotton and comes in 4 beautiful graphic designs to stimulates the kids' immagination. Have a peek of all DEUZ creations for kids 0-10 years old.

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